How to Download, Install, and Activate Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus?

Step 1: Download

Download the virtual DVD of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus directly from Microsoft by clicking on the following link:


Click here to download Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus


In some cases you might receive a security message by your browser when trying to download the file (depending on your security settings). You can accept the message without any concerns, because it's a direct link to Microsoft's Content Delivery Network (


Step 2: Installation

After successful download, please go to the download folder, double-click the downloaded file and the setup will start automatically.


Normally, Windows 10 or 11 automatically opens the file when double-clicked. However, in rare cases, particularly when other programs (like DVD software) are linked with those file types, issues can arise. If this happens, right-click the file, select Mount, and a new drive will appear under This PC in Windows Explorer. Access this drive to begin installation. This process is known as image mounting, similar to inserting a DVD.


The installation will start and when the process is done, please close the Window.


Step 3: Activation

Please open one of the Office programs that have just been installed, for example Word or Excel. If you are not able to find them, please open the Windows Start Menu and you will find them there. In the next step, please apply the product key provided by us to activate the software


Important: If your PC came with a preinstalled version of Microsoft 365, please uninstall it in order to use Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus. Otherwise there will be a conflict between both versions.